About us

Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth (RSDUY, RSDSM) was founded on December 10, 2000 during the conference in Moscow. We work for creating a Social-Democratic state in Russia based on the principles of Freedom, Justice and Solidarity. Through political education (seminars, conferences, debates), we try to cultivate a sense of responsibility, solidarity and social activity in our youth. Since 2006, Evgeniy Konovalov has been the chairman of RSDUY. Moreover, since 2003, RSDUY has had a status of observer in IUSY. Our main activities:

  1. Participation in political life – political social events (political action, May Day demonstrations, political performance).
  2. International activities – cooperation with socialist and social democratic youth organizations, to developping joint projects, seminars and conferences.
  3. Educational activities – debates, discussions, seminars and conferences.

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