An annual Repot and Election Conference of the RSDUY-St.Petersburg

Today in Saint-Petersburg branch of the RSDUY an annual Repot and Election Conference took place. As the result of the Conference new governing and controlling agencies were elected. New members of the regional Board are as follows:
  • Anatoly Kanyukov;
  • Stanislav Pozarkov;
  • Konatantin Karpov;
  • Elena Zhurova;
  • Evgeniy Konovalov;
Anatoly Kanyukov was also elected the Chairman of the Board Anatoly Kanyukov“I feel encouragement and I’m planning to enthusiastically take up the development of the organization, – says the new leader of the regional branch Anatoly Kanyukov. – I was inspired by the optimistic approach of the participants of the Conference and eagerness of people to develop and improve our projects. We are planning to dedicate this year to increasing the number of members by inviting more young people to our union of youth. We’re planning to work on advancing our existing project as well as starting new ones”. The new members of the Controlling Commission are:
  • Dmitry Mikhailov (Chairman of the Commission)
  • Yury Ioffe
  • Maria Karpova
At the conference a discussion was opened about the most sufficient form of administration of the regional organization. Three propositions were on the table: – to move away from the practice of having a chairman and share out all his/her responsibilities among members of the Board – to introduce a practice of co-chairmanship based on the principal of gender equality – to eliminate both position of a chairman and the Board and adopt all decisions through discussions of activists The suggestion of co-chairmanship based on the principal of gender equality received the majority’s support; however it has not gained support of 2/3 of the voices necessary for implementation of the proposition.

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