May Day Rally in St.Petersberg

St.Petersberg branch of RSDUY went on a 1st of May rally together with party “Yabloko”. This rally was also joined by unregistered party PARNAS (Party of People’s Liberty), RNDS (Russian People’s Democratic Union), Solidarity, Oborona (Defence), Electoress’ League and other organizations. LGBT organizations were also present in the column. “Policemen were very considerate, they just persecuted us a little and they went step by step after the tail of our column. Helicopter flew over us and it was a lot of fun for us” – said Vasily Khokhlov, member of Executive Board of RSDUY. Evgeniy Konovalov spoke at rally as a RSDUY’s representative. “Russia is a very rich state; it stays on a second highest number of billionaires after the U.S. But the standard of living is very low contrary to statements of Putin. We are not closer to Europe, we’re through the living standards. Oil prices are rising, as well as gas prices, but people are living very bad” – said the head of RSDUY. May Day 2011, St.Petersberg May Day 2011, St.Petersberg May Day 2011, St.PetersbergMay Day 2011, St.Petersberg. Konovalov's speech

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