2nd film festival “Side by side” in Novosibirsk

Side by Side's logo 19-22May 2011 a second annual LGBT film festival “Side by Side” will be held in Novosibirsk. RSDUY will be one of the organizers. International LGBT-film festival “Side by Side” seeks to build an open cultural space where homosexual and transgender people will be able to freely display and study their identity. We plead to oppose all forms of discrimination and inequality based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. With the help of intellectual films of high artistic merit we create a wide field for discussions with society disproving common myths and challenging stereotypes which still slow down the development of the LGBT community in Russia. By constructing a positive dialogue we contribute to defending of the rights of the LGBT community and facilitate the changes in Russian society. Vladimir Kostin Vladimir Kostin, member of the Board of the RSDUY: “Not many documentaries are being shown in Novosibirsk and there are practically no big film festivals with “major” films. At the same time the experience of the previous film festivals shows that there’s a wide interest of the audience and not only and even not so much to the films but rather to opportunity to speak out, discuss and share an opinion.” Film screenings will take place in the movie theatre “Sedmoe nebo” and jazz club “Truba”. Partners of the film festival “Side by Side” in Novosibirsk:
  • Danish Institute of culture
  • Israeli Cultural center
  • Jazz club “Truba”
  • Human rights film festival “32nd of May”
  • Human rights film forum “Frontline”
  • Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth
  • German Goethe institute in Novosibirsk
Program of the festival: May 19, Thursday: Opening Ceremony. A collection of cartoons dedicated to the topic of integration of people who are different according to general standards into the society. May 20, Friday: feature film “Westler”. May 21, Saturday: Collection of short movies “Love and relationships”. Documentary “Hello, My Name is Lesbian”. Discussion with the director of the film Iben Haar Andersen. May 22, воскресенье: Sunday: feature film “Power of powerless”. Feature film “Prayers for Bobby”. Collection of short films “Two plus one” about homosexual families with children. Website of the festival: http://bok-o-bok.ru/

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