Evgeniy Konovalov on “Polit-gramota: TV-version”

European governments are fighting with economical crisis. It is around the world and in Russia too. This is the theme of 9th TV program “Polit-Gramota: TV-version” which aired on the “Vashe Obshestvennoye Televideniye” (VOT, Your Public TV) on June, 24. There were two speakers: Evgeniy Konovalov from RSDUY and Sergey Razlivskiy from Russian National Christian-democratic Movement. “We must don’t forget that development of Russian civic society was frozen very long time. For development from point zero we need a lot of time, patience and activities of politicals. The economy can not develop independently. We have the state which is functioning not just like that. This is impossible that some invisible market’s hand is making something independently” – Konovalov said. “We are looking the crises and very big social inequality. The economy is needing the dirigism and the state must to regulate the economy” – he said.

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