The Freedom Area near the St.Petersburg

From July, 1 to July, 3 the II Youth Democratic Summercamp “The Freedom Area” took place near St.Petersburg. It was third similar summercamp organized by RSDUY: the first camp was role play “The Novgorod Veche” 3 years ago near Velikiy Novgorod. The Camp took place on the lakeshore near the village of Orekhovo. The second time this camp unofficially called the “Anti-Seliger” because it was kind of response by opposition to the pro-Kremlin summercamp “Seliger”. Goals of the camp were:
  • learn new skills,
  • familiarity with the activists of another organizations,
  • learn to communicate with each other,
  • transmission of opinions and ideas between the participants.
The Camp’s organizers were RSDUY, The Youth Defender Community and The Oborona (The Defense). During the camp the role play took place which simulated the current political situation if Russia. Participants were divided on political parties (including the ruling party and opposition), police, President, media and other. This year in the camp participated not only political activists, as well as social activists, Greens, pacifists, members of Trade Unions, anti-fascists, members of LGBT-movements. The number of participants was more than 70. The famous people among the participants was not because it was not the end in itself. “On the first camp the role play “The Novgorod Veche” took place. One of the corresponding command (“Veche”) was govern together by all its members and second command “The Duchy of Moscow” was govern by leader (prince). Their examples, the participants learned which of governing system is better” – the author of the role play Yury Ioffe said.. “The second camp was organized for activists of friendly political organizations: RSDUY, The Oborona, The Youth Yabloko. The newest was the special trainings with guest coaches. The current camp, third, also organized for different social activists. Current participants were from Soldiers Mothers Committee, defenders communities, independent trade unions, LGBT-communities, Tajik Diaspora and other” – Ioffe continues the story. “In thing, next year the camp need to change the quality level. We need to invite of everybody, including through the media” – he shares the plans for the future.  

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