RSDUY: problem of Belorusian Social-Democrats is new challenge for all Social-Democrats comparable to the terrorist attack on Utøya

Justice Ministry of Belarus refuses to accept again the conference of Belorusian Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) due to far-fetched reasons. This is occurred the second time. Given the state of freedom of association and human rights in this country we think, this is new signal for Belorusians and for international society which indicates the wish of Belorusian power about full monopolizing of politic space without possibility for the existence of parties and organizations which not share views of Lukashenko on any matter. We think this decision is politically motivated. We urge the international community, especially our friends from the social democratic parties, to pay attention to this important fact. Russian Social-Democrats are experienced closure their own party four years ago because of the decision of Russian Justice Ministry which we also believe that this was frivolous and politically motivated. We, young Russian Social-Democrats, know experienced the withdrawal of support from our party. Because this, we are especially watch this very important process in this country whose President named “the last dictator of Europe”. Do not forget about brutal suppression of opposition protests year ago, after Presidential elections which are considered unfair. During the 2011 Belorusian opposition do not had possibility for free and public protests risking personal liberty of every participant. Problems of BSDP(H) can be cause very bad consequences for its official existence. The recent problem with Social-Democratic movement in Belarus – is another challenge for the global social democracy after the tragedy at Utøya. Attempts to put pressure on our ideas and principles are always very dangerous in terms of democracy and human rights, no matter where they come from – from the single terrorist or from the state. RSDUY expresses its outrage at the pressure on the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada). We believe that our Belarusian comrades need the solidarity support of all Social- Democrats in the world. We hope that the Ministry of Justice did not bring the situation to the closing party.

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