Delegation of RSDUY visited Germany

Delegation of RSDUY visited Germany by the exchange program between SDUY-St.Petersburg and JUSOS-Rhineland-Palatinate which is exist since 2006. The visit took place since 3 to 11 of September. Participants of this visit was coming from Russia and from Germany. There were members of RSDUY from St.Petersburg, Moscow, Izhevsk and Vologda. German participants were from Rhineland-Palatinate and Bavaria. “I am really glad that this year our colleagues from St. Petersburg’s SDUY provided such an opportunity for regional members of RSDUY to take part in their common exchange project with JUSOS RLP. For me, it was definitely a good example of mutual interest and cooperation between two branches of Russian and German social-democratic organizations on a local level which is sometimes underestimated in a big game of foreign policy. At the same time, I hope that we won’t take this thing for granted, but, on the contrary, it will encourage us to extend the borders of our relations with other possible partners from all over the Globe” – said Anna Tsurkan, member of executive board of RSDUY. Meetings and debates took place in the SPD office, the former Osthofen concentration camp, University of Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate chancellor office, Rhineland-Palatinate Landtag lobby hall and meeting room, Energy Park of Morbach. Participants took part on the Open Air “Trier is playing” with JUSOS on the last full day of the visit. During this JUSOS was organized an action for supporting of elections to the first Youth Parliament of Trier. Every of young people of Trier had the opportunity to leave a public order to future members of Youth Parliament. The main topics of joint RSDUY-JUSOS discussions were work migration, feminism, renewable energie, crisis of world economical and political system and future of Social-Democracy. “The last exchange programme here in Germany with our comrades from SDUY (RSDUY-St.Petersburg) was the next step to a left international movement. It is important to see that we fight for common just solutions to the crisis, unemployment and an unjust distribution of wealth: we fight togehter for strong progressive tax systems all over the world, development of renewable energies, against the gender pay gap and for more participation of all people in a solidarity society! It is also great to see that our friendship is getting stronger!” – said Andro Scholl and Ellen Diehl from JUSOS-Rhineland-Palatinate. “It pleases me greatly that during the years of our partnership we’ve created a comprehensive dialogue on all the main questions. During our discussions and round-tables no one is “teaching” anybody but rather we exchange opinions and coordinate positions on the topics that form the basis of our beliefs and values. The result of such coordination is embodied in our mutual declaration which will be presented to the Board shortly” – said Vasily Khokhlov, the head of delegation of RSDUY. Photo: Ellen Diehl/JUSOS-Rlp

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