IUSY Calls for a YES to a Palestinian State

IUSY has for long supported peace in Middle East and a solution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. IUSY supports the two states solution with Israel and Palestine living side by side as free, democratic, independent and secure states. We believe that the Palestinian approach to the UN General Assembly and Security Council comes from the failure of negotiations, a lack of commitment to the peace process from the current right-wing government in Israel and their continuous expansion of settlements. Peace must be reached by the parties and with direct engagement from the international community, which must put pressure among the parties to respect international law. The recognition of the State of Palestine is an important step in the direction to peace. IUSY calls upon all states to vote YES for a Palestinian State in the UN General Assembly and Security Council. IUSY calls upon all member organizations and all member parties in the Socialist International to join us, Meretz Youth and Fatah Youth in supportive activities throughout the world and to vote YES for a Palestinian State in the UN. IUSY also calls upon both parties to resume negotiations immediately after returning to the region.   In Solidarity, Viviana Piñeiro, IUSY President Johan Hassel, IUSY Secretary General Hanin Khoury, IUSY Vice President, Fatah Youth, Palestine Dror Morag, IUSY Vice President, SG Meretz Party, Israel

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