RSDUY participated in the Black Sea Area Cooperation meeting

The Black Sea Area Cooperation (BSAC) meeting took place in Istanbul on September, 29 – October, 2. It was a meeting of young social-democrats from Black sea region. There were RSDUY international secretary Alexey Karpov and head of RSDUY branch in Dagestan Louisa Dibirova. “Conference program was very interesting and informative, our Turkish comrades from Republican People’s Party during these few days gave us the full political atmosphere of modern Turkey. I was struck by the fact, that a lot of Turkish people are political prisoners and among them are members of Turkish parliament. This country is between Arabic world and Europe, between Islamic and secular ideas. As well as, I see the analogy between Russia and Turkey: Russia gradually slides from a secular state to a religious state as Turkey goes to the Islamic state by its own President’s and Prime Minister’s efforts” – Alexey Karpov said. There were several speeches and discussions regarding political situations in each country, most important of them were included to the final meeting paper. RSDUY delegation tried to convey our concerns to our comrades, including the relation to acute in our society Caucasian topic: «Russian media are replicate pictures with people from Caucasus only as terrorists and radical Islamists. The growth of anti-Caucasian and racist sentiments leading Russia to the new conflicts that corrupt government headed by President-Prime Minister and Prime Minister-President is unable to resolve» – said in RSDUY report. Despite the obvious difficulties faced by the Social Democrats in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, we remain optimistic and intend to increase our influence on political processes in our countries through constant interaction and exchange of experience. Alexey Karpov Alexey Karpov. Photo: Andriy Pristaya, SMS, Ukraine

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