RSDUY is for adoption of State of Palestine to UN

Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth is supporting the campaign for the adoption of a Palestinian State to the UN. At this time the State of Palestine is recognized by a lot of countries throughout the world and Palestine had a good chance for full membership in UN. Russia-Palestinian bilateral relations started in 1974, and since the year of 1990 a Palestinian Embassy has been working in Moscow. Palestinian Embassies exist not just in such non-democratic countries like Russia and Belarus, but also in Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, India and in several other democratic states. International community can give a possibility to bring out an aspiration to the state independence and sovereignty for the people of Palestine; this is very important for stabilization in the region. Israel discrimination policy must be stopped as well as violence from the HAMAS side. Both sides can to have a possibility for the equal dialogue and it will be possibly since the UN full membership for the State of Palestine. We believe that some countries statements against the adoption of a Palestinian State to the UN as reluctance to comply with international principles and treaties. The foundation of the State of Palestine was announced more than 50 years ago, and during all these years Palestinian people were unable to have any possibilities to get to the full membership in international community. We find it to be the road to an impasse. No country can develop successfully and build a democratic society, as well as welfare and economy, if it acts from the position of hostility to its neighbours, while being recognized by the majority of the international community. We believe that the powers, opposing the adoption of a Palestininian State to the UN, defend just narrow corporate interests which have nothing to do with the idea of international democracy and human rights. All world community should be in solidarity with the people of Palestine, considered to be legal by different nations. We say that there are no illegal people and every single state has a right for full existence, and that’s what we all should never forget! Yes for State of Palestine!

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