Cooperation for Peace

A joint Russian-Georgian seminar «Cooperation for Peace in South Caucasus Region» took place in the Educational center of Kurt Löwenstein (Werftpfuhl, Germany) from October, 8th till October, 13th, 2011. The Russian side was presented by a delegation of RSDUY, namely, Vasily Khokhlov (a member of a federal board, St.-Petersburg), Anna Tsurkan (a member of a federal board, Moscow), Sergey Zhurov (St.-Petersburg), Irina Kuznetsova (St.-Petersburg), Maxim Erin (Kostroma), Ruslan Shakhbanov (Kostroma) and Anna Deiker (Rostov on Don). From Georgia, representatives of two social democratic organizations participated in a seminar at once – a political organization «Young socialists of Georgia» and a youth wing of the party «Social democrats of Georgia». «The event was very positive, – Irina Kuznetsova marks. – Unfortunately, Abkhazs and Ossetians could not come, but it was a possibility, once again, to communicate with our Georgian colleagues. A vice-president of IUSY Akos Komassy alone with 2 comrades from Bulgaria and Romania visited the seminar as well. So, it is possible to say that this particular topic attracts more and more attention of the European partners». Under a sensitive management of trainers from Germany and Slovenia participants of the seminar presented their countries by means of creation of cultural museums, worked over a team building focused on a long-term cooperation, and, finally, left on a writing of the Russian-Georgian manifesto calling all parties of the conflict to cooperation. «It is supposed that the final version of the document will be ready in November, – Anna Tsurkan informs. – Then, we can start a joint campaign for its distribution. And, though our main objective is to achieve participation of Abkhazs and Ossetians in the program of cooperation which will start with the given manifesto, it will be also opened for any interested participant of the international process». A seminar with four parties of the Russian-Georgian conflict – representatives from Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia – in May of the next year is defined as a subsequent stage of this cooperation.

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