Social-Democracy in Eastern Europe

International Secretary of RSDUY – Alexey Karpov – participated in the conference “Social-Democracy in Eastern Europe”, which took place in Kiev on October, 22-23. It was organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and European Forum for democracy and solidarity. Also, different Social-Democratic organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova took part in this event. Besides RSDUY, Russia was presented by other organizations. The situation with Social-Democratic movements in these states was reviewed during the meeting. Social-Democratic parties in Belarus are divided. The State is blocking a possibility for party’s re-registration. One movement’s leader Nikolay Statkevich is in prison today. There is a similar situation in Ukraine: Lutzenko is in prison, and Socialist Party of Ukraine is not presented in the Parliament. Herewith, oligarchs, who brought Yanukovich to presidency, are constantly changing the Constitution. The main opposition leader Yulia Timoshenko is in prison as well. Moldova is a very interesting developing democracy with two parties sharing Social-Democratic values. In all these states, oligarchs influence greatly on a political process. «What is future of Social-Democracy? I confidently declare, we are this future. – Alexey Karpov speaks. – At the conference there was Julia Mickiewicz, the leader of «Young social democrats – Maladaya Hramada». This organization, despite reprisals of an authoritative regime, despite long exhausting struggle, continues its activity. When old party functionaries cries about a social base for social democracy, others – like young social democrats – bring concrete advantage to the supporters, bringing to them not only political knowledge, but also information that will allow new generation to feel more confidently in life». «The lesson to young social democrats, – as considered by the international secretary of RSDUY, – not to build party under leader and under no circumstances to disagree on shadow negotiations, neither with ruling structures, nor in the organization. To be open be really useful to the people – these are two conditions of a victory of social democracy».

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