Conference “Global crisis and alternatives”

RSDUY vice chairman for ideology Vladimir Peshkov participated in the conference “Global crisis and alternatives” which took place in Moscow on October 21-22. Conference was organized by Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO), Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Science. At the conference participated Russian and foreign experts: Boris Kagarlitzky, Boris Kapustin, Barry Gills, Anna Ochkina, Yelena Galkina, Valery Anashvili, Katy Chukhrov, Mohammad Hesham (Saadeldin), Piotr Safronov, Oksana Dmitrieva, Maksim Kozyrev, Vasily Koltashov, Grigoriy Kosach, Mike Gonzalez, Nazeef Muellim and another. It was very important event for Russian public space. That was for the first time when Russian platform brought together scientists and practicians from different countries with different experience of re-thinking political, social, cultural and economical process, named as crisis. Discussions on theoretical and practical alternatives to the current situation took place during the conference round tables and plenary sessions. Participants, making a start from the traditions of critical analyses, discussed the once in past possible oppportinities, certain development alternatives in variety of activity spheres and general principles of social development processes. “The Soviet Planned Economy has not justified itself. Modern capitalism is more like a chimera in depends of the passage of time. Most leftist say: we need to draw up a new model of economic system. But, nowadays, no one has created something new. In fact, modern economy is about two main models: the capitalistic and planned one. For now nobody could put into action a more complex model for it could satisfy as states strategic interests, as small business that would be the stronghold of national economy” – said Vladimir Peshkov. “We should accept for a fact that current Russian capitalism doesn’t perform to be very significant in contrast to the world’s one. In fact, the core of today’s world economy growth is predominantly in the increase of speculative capitals. There’s no real industrial growth, no real industrial modernisation, the country doesn’t prepare its manufacturers to the WTO, while it aspires to entry into it for so long”, – RSDUY ideology secretary comments. ‘Total society degradation takes place at the time of a continuing deterioration of the economic situation. Some social activities on the eve of parliamentary elections shouldn’t deceive: that’s provoked by election processes just to increase ratings of political parties. The government doesn’t have a political will to change the production system of social richness, as a result what belongs to all people is accumulated by a bunch of guys” – he resumed.

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