Yury Ioffe: Political party – is a formality only”

Member of the Controlling Commission of RSDUY-St.Petersburg Yury Ioffe told for RSDUY.org about his thinks about future State Duma elections especially about Russian political system. Dear Yury! One month later will elections to the 5th State Duma. What do you think about this? Are these elections lagitimate from positions of Social-Democrats? Elections in Russia are profanation. About this all knows: government, people, which not visit elections last 10 years and don’t see reasons to poll. Only organized grannies are visiting polling stations years to years. And what are reasons for this show? If a government will remove elections yesterday, nothing will happen. Rebellion or unrest will not. I think, these illusory elections organized for the West. Partners of Russian government know it but pretend for reality of this. I think, this is needed for the comfort of cooperation between European and American politicians with with Russian government. If Russia will remove elections, European and American voters will take question for their politicians: why they are cooperated with Russia? But today elections are still there. Russia presents itself as a transition state from the communism to democracy with all problems and difficulties. And it is very profitable for the West. However Social-Democrats should use elections, because it is the time when public attention drawn to politics. This is possibility for the wide translation of our views, and maybe for the elect our representatives to the legislative assemblies. A part of Social-Democrats should go to the elections with party “Yabloko”.

Modern political system is often criticized as well as by representatives of official political parties. What is a role of political parties in modern Russia?

Every party is hostage to its position, which placed itself as opposition party but included into the state system (CPRF, LDPR, Just Russia), which are collecting votes and then transmit this to the power. Every this party must agree unformally rules which are existing into the political system with the party “United Russia” in the head. If this system will crack, these parties should be a real opposition. They should take a power if the governed tandem will crack.

For example, communists taken away people from the streets during anti-monetization protests five years ago (it was protests against monetization of social welfare system). As result, communists have today their representatives in the St.Petersburg legislative assembly.

What is the difference between parties and movements in modern Russia?

De jure, parties are organizations which are under the Federal Parties Law. If we say about poltical terms, party is union co-thinkers of the political and economical program.

First we can be a movement and only second we can be a party. If party haven’t a movement including itself, it is formality.

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