[The Board Statement] RSDUY supports party “Yabloko” at the State Duma elections

On last years democracy collapses in Russia rapidly. The list of political parties reduced be 10 times, all opposition pressed by government, government controls all media field. Elections are one of last possibilities for showing of civic position but this possibility is fictitious. A term “fair elections” are only nominally during last years and most of participants of elections are not trustworthy. However, than a number of voters will be bigger in fact, those falsifications will more difficult. What is the best choice, that is the question. Fortunately, for most of the people the party “United Russia” is a way to the collapse of our State but a lot of people are don’t remember, that “United Russia” is not a party, this is not independent actor, this is only a Putin’s ruling instrument. However, not only “United Russia” supports the regime. Liberal-Democratic Party, “Just Russia”, “Right cause” and CPRF are UR’s legs and lightning rods. These parties are playing the game only, they are not real opposition, they are lightning rods for discontented people, for different groups of voters – socialists, liberals, nationalists etc. These parties are making laws for Putin, but not for people. Because polling for every party is a polling for current government. Today only party, which is against current regime, against Putin, is Russian United Democratic Party “Yabloko”. “Yabloko” is the last democratic alternative in Russia, the last alternative for every voter, who wants really changes in Russia, who wants to live in a free country. Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth (RSDUY) urges all our supporters for the vote at the current State Duma elections for RUDP “Yabloko”, for our joint liberty and freedom, for justice, for changes.

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