Anti-fascist rally on January 19th

Anti-fascists, members of left movements, political leaders and activists. The rally that took place on January 19’th in Moscow, assembled thousand people, so different, but united by common tragedy. It is three years on from the death of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova, injury is stilll bleeding, and fascism problem doesn’t lose its importance. “The circle closed, murderers are punished, but we still remember how sincerely convinced lawyer Markelov and journalist Baburova in their anti-fascist struggle were. We feel their absence everyday, and realize how much we lack the necessity of uncompromising law defense and journalist reporting for those hundreds of different kind of activists, – posted in blogs anti-fascist action organizers before the rally. This is why at the third time, on the day of their death we will go at the streets in the coldest day of the year, to remind all about the necessity of keep-fighting with the fascism for each man, everyday! “National question isn’t main”, – believe the organizers of the rally. Battle with the fascism is inseparable from the war for true democracy. Baburova and Markelov proved it by their lives, and by their death The anti-fascist procession started from Nevinsky boulevard towards Pushkin square, where at about 19:00 gathered at least several hundreds of political opposition representatives, dozens of journalists and many other anti-fascist movements activists. Left movement members were manifestly marked out in the crowd, and the procession most heard mantra was “No to fascism, No to capitalism”. The murder of Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov has exposed the problem of fascism in Russia, and showed how dangerous fascist moods of ultra radical nationalists could be, – believes Louisa Dibirova (RSDUY member), who took part in the procession. Fascism is 20th century’s plaque, and nowadays we have to watch its revival among very young people in their 16s – 20s, – she notes. Just recently nationalism wasn’t perceived to be a problem of such high importance. Today – let’s say – it is a growing political power. Who are those people, who call themselves nationalists? And what’s their ideology? Sieg(ging) is their characteristics, and swastika – their talisman?! Current cooperation of the democratic coalition with representatives of ultra-right movements is a big mistake, – convinced Louisa Dibirova. “To cooperate and sit at one table with fascists is to legitimize them, – she says. Unfortunately, that’s what our political opposition is engaged in now. This opposition simply has no future.” Besides, experts think that the tide of right terrorism has decreased during these several years, and government counteraction policy played here not the least role. Anyway, the problem still remains, as many right-wing leaders now try to be legitimized by getting to organizing committees and general democratic organizations. And that’s where the main danger is!

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