The Socialist Party of Egypt statement

After the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood and their falling in withstand great Egyptian people’s revolution on June 30, after it turned out they frequency protectors abroad in support of the end, and then prove the absurdity and futility of a sit-field fourth Adawiya and picket the around the University of Cairo, after this failure investigator did not find the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s only crime Office use two methods:

Socialist Party of EgyptThe first is an escalation of terrorist attacks in the Sinai, with the possibility of expansion to reach to the cities of the valley. In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood has already mobilized all its allies from terrorist organizations, the vast majority of which consists of non-Egyptian militia and foreign mercenaries.

Second means are coming demonstrations armed toward the inflamed such as House Republican Guard and sit-in of revolutionaries (the latest bloody attack on Tahrir Square) and the boutiques and “Alshahatin Manor” in Mansoura to spark violent clashes fall victims in the hope that an infernal circle of revenge begins the revenge, and then move the circles of support abroad to thwart the results of June 30 and the renegotiation of power-sharing.

The purpose of this despicable criminal scheme to enter Egypt in the path looks like “the Syrian scenario” but going to the fabric of Egyptian society is quite different, and because the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people supported the overthrow of the criminal anti-Brotherhood people.

However they are evil attempts disastrous risk. It called the Egyptian people not to exaggerate in commemorating the victory of June 30, and not “blank instrument” for the force to carry out the functions of the unfinished revolution.

The people responsible for protecting their revolution and to deepen the claim and only parked for calm in the face of all wings of the counter-revolution.

Firstly: it is important to insist on a new Constitution guaranteed the rights of citizenship and civil rights and freedoms and economic and social rights and national sovereignty.

Secondly, the need to put pressure on the interim Government and the judicial system in order to accelerate the fight against corruption and expedite procedures for social justice and in particular the implementation of the upper and lower wages.

Third: it is no longer acceptable to security institutions take this position slack crimes of terrorists and thugs. It must proceed immediately to the revolutionary process of drying up the financial and intellectual terrorism and internationally..

Forthly: became the duty of the revolutionary forces of democracy must have the highest level of vigilance of trying to steal its revolution again, this time by the remnants of the old regime. This duty also to adhere to the highest Unity at this stage. And on top of that: the need to reject all suspicious calls for reconciliation with terrorists and mischief and customers, such as half-this is a free prescription delivery revolution into the hands of its enemies.

The Egyptian Socialist Party
July 22, 2013*

*Translated from Arabic by an automatic translator

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