To act together against terrorist crime

The Socialist Party of Egypt statement

The Muslim Brothers began developing their criminal burning of Egypt and entered in civil strife and also dream-under an aggressive international intervention in their internal affairs.

The Muslim brotherhood and their allies engaged in terrorism in the Sinai now, spreading chaos and burning public buildings and security headquarters, and reached its limit with the crime of terrorism against Copts in Egypt and the burning of their churches. All this is to cover international and regional forces of aggressive or willing to keep Egypt on fold dependency and subordination, and not be able to restore the people’s revolution for national independence and the establishment of a modern democratic civil State.

Socialist Party of EgyptIn the face of these serious developments confirm the Party on the need to complete the task of eliminating the sit-ins and armed criminal manifestations, and the need to accelerate the arrest and prosecution of crime leaders fair trials and urgent for crimes which Egypt that has never known an instance in decadence and vileness.

We call upon all social forces and democratic political and civil organizations to mobilize the masses in defense of a civil society and its institutions. And may not stand by the current conflict, the eradication of crime you must understand there will be depend on the security method.

All are invited to urgent consultations to discuss urgent situations and direct actions to protect Egypt.

And history will not forgive any failure, and the people will not forgive any fluid positions taken by some towards the terrorist crime and the client.

The Egyptian Socialist Party
August 14, 2013*

*Translated from Arabic by an automatic translator

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