Social democrats claims the non-intervention to Ukrainian home affairs

We, members of Jusos Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), Union of Young Socialists (SMS Ukraine), RSDUY (Russia) and Reformation (Russia/ Siberia), meeting in St. Petersburg and Novgorod 25. – 30. August 2015 – expressing our grave concern at the current situation in Ukraine and the relationship between EU, Ukraine and Russia.


Firmly convinced that the situation in eastern Ukraine can only be solved by peaceful settlement


1. welcome the Minsk Ceasefire Agreement, which could lead to a peaceful solution of the conflict.


2. Appeal:


a. to all parties of the conflict to complete cessation of all hostilities and the full implementation of the Minsk Ceasefire Agreement, and for the reject of aggressive rhetoric in politics, media and social networks.


b. to support the important work of OSCE to handle the given tasks and to provide civil help.


c. to implement visa facilitations between Russia, Ukraine and the EU.


d. to reject regulations that lead to a isolation of Crimea.


e. to disarm all illegal military groups in Ukraine.


f. to implement youth exchange programs between Russia, Ukraine and the EU.


g. to ensure no one influence the inner politics of Ukraine.


h. to start a constitution process in goal to empower local councils.


i. to check possibilities for a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.


j. to start a discussion process about security in Europe with all relevant actors to identify red lines and to give a pathway to architecture of security, cooperation, disarmament in East Europe and a common economic space in Europe. We want a restart of relations between Russia and Nato in order of a peaceful dialogue.


The declaration ratified by the RSDUY conference on April, 23 2016

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