To act together against terrorist crime

The Socialist Party of Egypt statement The Muslim Brothers began developing their criminal burning of Egypt and entered in civil strife and also dream-under an aggressive international intervention in their internal affairs. The Muslim brotherhood and their allies engaged in terrorism in the Sinai now, spreading chaos and burning public buildings and security headquarters, and... [›››››]
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The Socialist Party of Egypt statement

After the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood and their falling in withstand great Egyptian people’s revolution on June 30, after it turned out they frequency protectors abroad in support of the end, and then prove the absurdity and futility of a sit-field fourth Adawiya and picket the around the University of Cairo, after this failure... [›››››]
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The Declaration of the Socialist Russia agreed

On May, 22, 20 activists of Russian democratic movements were signed the Declaration of the Socialist Russia. They are members of RSDUY, Left Socialistic Action and Social Democratic Party (founded 1990). This originated the members of editing board of the website “”. This resulted the disussions and convergence of positions between different democratic left organization. On... [›››››]

Резолюция РСДСМ СПб по политическим заключенным

Октябрь 2012 (с изменениями Май 2013) С момента своего возвращения в президентское кресло В.В.Путин усиливает в России режим личной диктатуры и шаг за шагом реставрирует тоталитарное государство. За несколько месяцев карманная дума приняла ряд антидемократических законов против свободы проведения собраний и митингов, антиклерикальных выступлений, личной свободы, ЛГБТ – сообщества, против НКО (закон об иностранных агентах).... [›››››]

RSDUY got full membership status of IUSY

In the course of the world IUSY congress (The international union of socialist youth) taking place in the capital of Paraguay, the positive decision of granting to the Russian social democratic union of youth a full membership status of this organization was made on Saturday. It is for the first time in the contemporary Russian... [›››››]