Leftists: why not together?

RSDUY Chairman Evgeniy Konovalov gave a comment about disconnection between left movements in a world and in Russia for Red TV. “Social-Democrats are not most bigger political movement in Russia, and between left movements too. But Social-Democrats are most united in comparison with another Russian left movements. All-Russian Social-Democratic organization is RSDUY only. Another young... [›››››]
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Yury Ioffe: Political party – is a formality only”

Member of the Controlling Commission of RSDUY-St.Petersburg Yury Ioffe told for RSDUY.org about his thinks about future State Duma elections especially about Russian political system. Dear Yury! One month later will elections to the 5th State Duma. What do you think about this? Are these elections lagitimate from positions of Social-Democrats? Elections in Russia are... [›››››]
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Evgeniy Konovalov on “Polit-gramota: TV-version”

European governments are fighting with economical crisis. It is around the world and in Russia too. This is the theme of 9th TV program “Polit-Gramota: TV-version” which aired on the “Vashe Obshestvennoye Televideniye” (VOT, Your Public TV) on June, 24. There were two speakers: Evgeniy Konovalov from RSDUY and Sergey Razlivskiy from Russian National Christian-democratic... [›››››]
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