To act together against terrorist crime

The Socialist Party of Egypt statement The Muslim Brothers began developing their criminal burning of Egypt and entered in civil strife and also dream-under an aggressive international intervention in their internal affairs. The Muslim brotherhood and their allies engaged in terrorism in the Sinai now, spreading chaos and burning public buildings and security headquarters, and... [›››››]
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The Socialist Party of Egypt statement

After the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood and their falling in withstand great Egyptian people’s revolution on June 30, after it turned out they frequency protectors abroad in support of the end, and then prove the absurdity and futility of a sit-field fourth Adawiya and picket the around the University of Cairo, after this failure... [›››››]
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RSDUY got full membership status of IUSY

In the course of the world IUSY congress (The international union of socialist youth) taking place in the capital of Paraguay, the positive decision of granting to the Russian social democratic union of youth a full membership status of this organization was made on Saturday. It is for the first time in the contemporary Russian... [›››››]

RSDUY declaration supported by German Social-democrats

Young Social-democrats of Social-democratic party of Germany (JUSOS) from Rhineland-Palatinate supported the RSDUY declaration about results of The State Duma elections. This announced today. Our German comrades are expressing their solidarity with protests in Russia against electoral falsifications. “What we heard in recent days from Russia and read, is unprecedented: outraged citizens take to the streets protesting against the election results because they do not see themselves in the figures represents, and find that... [›››››]

[UNITED Press Release] International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism

On 9 November, more than 130 organisations in 49 European countries organise over 250 activities in the frame of the “International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism”. To “BE LOUD AGAINST FASCISM!”, commemorations, demonstrations, movies screenings, discussions, flashmobs, concerts are taking place Europe-wide – from Malaga to St. Petersburg, from Istanbul to Reykjavik. Each year, the... [›››››]
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Social-Democracy in Eastern Europe

International Secretary of RSDUY – Alexey Karpov – participated in the conference “Social-Democracy in Eastern Europe”, which took place in Kiev on October, 22-23. It was organized by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and European Forum for democracy and solidarity. Also, different Social-Democratic organizations from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova took part in this event. Besides RSDUY,... [›››››]
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Cooperation for Peace

A joint Russian-Georgian seminar «Cooperation for Peace in South Caucasus Region» took place in the Educational center of Kurt Löwenstein (Werftpfuhl, Germany) from October, 8th till October, 13th, 2011. The Russian side was presented by a delegation of RSDUY, namely, Vasily Khokhlov (a member of a federal board, St.-Petersburg), Anna Tsurkan (a member of a... [›››››]
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RSDUY participated in the Black Sea Area Cooperation meeting

The Black Sea Area Cooperation (BSAC) meeting took place in Istanbul on September, 29 – October, 2. It was a meeting of young social-democrats from Black sea region. There were RSDUY international secretary Alexey Karpov and head of RSDUY branch in Dagestan Louisa Dibirova. “Conference program was very interesting and informative, our Turkish comrades from... [›››››]
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IUSY Calls for a YES to a Palestinian State

IUSY has for long supported peace in Middle East and a solution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. IUSY supports the two states solution with Israel and Palestine living side by side as free, democratic, independent and secure states. We believe that the Palestinian approach to the UN General Assembly and Security Council comes from the failure... [›››››]
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