Social democrats claims the non-intervention to Ukrainian home affairs

We, members of Jusos Schleswig-Holstein (Germany), Union of Young Socialists (SMS Ukraine), RSDUY (Russia) and Reformation (Russia/ Siberia), meeting in St. Petersburg and Novgorod 25. – 30. August 2015 – expressing our grave concern at the current situation in Ukraine and the relationship between EU, Ukraine and Russia.   Firmly convinced that the situation ... [›››››] Read more

The Declaration of the Socialist Russia agreed

On May, 22, 20 activists of Russian democratic movements were signed the Declaration of the Socialist Russia. They are members of RSDUY, Left Socialistic Action and Social Democratic Party (founded 1990). This originated the members of editing board of the website “”. This resulted the disussions and convergence of positions between different democratic left organization.... [›››››] Read more

Резолюция РСДСМ СПб по политическим заключенным

Октябрь 2012 (с изменениями Май 2013) С момента своего возвращения в президентское кресло В.В.Путин усиливает в России режим личной диктатуры и шаг за шагом реставрирует тоталитарное государство. За несколько месяцев карманная дума приняла ряд антидемократических законов против свободы проведения собраний и митингов, антиклерикальных выступлений, личной свободы, ЛГБТ – сообщества, против НКО (закон об иностранных агентах).... [›››››] Read more

[The Board Statement] RSDUY supports party “Yabloko” at the State Duma elections

On last years democracy collapses in Russia rapidly. The list of political parties reduced be 10 times, all opposition pressed by government, government controls all media field. Elections are one of last possibilities for showing of civic position but this possibility is fictitious. A term “fair elections” are only nominally during last years and most... [›››››] Read more

Leftists: why not together?

RSDUY Chairman Evgeniy Konovalov gave a comment about disconnection between left movements in a world and in Russia for Red TV. “Social-Democrats are not most bigger political movement in Russia, and between left movements too. But Social-Democrats are most united in comparison with another Russian left movements. All-Russian Social-Democratic organization is RSDUY only. Another young... [›››››] Read more

RSDUY is for adoption of State of Palestine to UN

Russian Social-Democratic Union of Youth is supporting the campaign for the adoption of a Palestinian State to the UN. At this time the State of Palestine is recognized by a lot of countries throughout the world and Palestine had a good chance for full membership in UN. Russia-Palestinian bilateral relations started in 1974, and since... [›››››] Read more

For democracy and youth employment all around the Black Sea!

Conference Paper Black Sea Area Cooperation Network October 2011, Istanbul, Turkey The Black Sea Area, centrally located between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, is a region filled with difficulties but also unexplored opportunities. The region has a young population but old problems are overshadowing their future. Old frozen conflicts from time to time... [›››››] Read more

RSDUY: problem of Belorusian Social-Democrats is new challenge for all Social-Democrats comparable to the terrorist attack on Utøya

Justice Ministry of Belarus refuses to accept again the conference of Belorusian Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) due to far-fetched reasons. This is occurred the second time. Given the state of freedom of association and human rights in this country we think, this is new signal for Belorusians and for international society which indicates the wish of... [›››››] Read more

Evgeniy Konovalov: “Tragedy in Norway is horrible”

RSDUY Chairman Evgeniy Konovalov made a statement about tragedy that occurred during the AUF Summercamp. “Tragedy is Norway was very horrible. The worst that caused the tragedy the man who  took it according to their own political views” – Konovalov said. “Of course, this is a special tragedy for all Social-Democrats because it is an... [›››››] Read more