Evgeniy Konovalov: Constitution content is not important but the most important is who we are

Discussion “Russian between freedom of speech and freedomship” during the QueerFest in St.Petersburg on September, 22 took place. On the discussion participated journalists and defenders, who has an experience of problem with the censorship. Main topics of discussion were: «What is censorship?» and «Where are borders of self-expression and who is establish it?». Participants agreed... [›››››] Read more

Delegation of RSDUY visited Germany

Delegation of RSDUY visited Germany by the exchange program between SDUY-St.Petersburg and JUSOS-Rhineland-Palatinate which is exist since 2006. The visit took place since 3 to 11 of September. Participants of this visit was coming from Russia and from Germany. There were members of RSDUY from St.Petersburg, Moscow, Izhevsk and Vologda. German participants were from Rhineland-Palatinate... [›››››] Read more

15th Anniversary of Young Socialists of Georgia

On September, 15 “Young Socialists of Georgia” are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the formation of their organization. The YSG was founded in 1996 as “Union of Young Socialists of Georgia” and it was a youth wing of Socialist Party of Georgia. Since collapse of party in 2004 YSG started as an independent organization. YSG... [›››››] Read more

Evgeniy Konovalov interrogated on the cause of Philip Kostenko

RSDUY Chairman Evgeniy Konovalov was interrogated today by prosecutors. Interrogation related to anarchist Philip Kostenko cause who participated in the street action “The State System Dog and its The Doghouse”. “Anarchists, including Philip, during an action “The State System Dog and its The Doghouse” on March, 1 put the corrugated box on head of police... [›››››] Read more

RSDUY: problem of Belorusian Social-Democrats is new challenge for all Social-Democrats comparable to the terrorist attack on Utøya

Justice Ministry of Belarus refuses to accept again the conference of Belorusian Social-Democratic Party (Hramada) due to far-fetched reasons. This is occurred the second time. Given the state of freedom of association and human rights in this country we think, this is new signal for Belorusians and for international society which indicates the wish of... [›››››] Read more

IUSY World Festival blurs borders between countries and continents

RSDUY delegation, from St.Petersburg, Moscow and Velikiy Novgorod, participated in the 2011 IUSY World Festival that took place in Attersee, Austria on July, 25-31. This Festival taking place once in two years. In this year on the Festival participated 2500 people from different countries around the world. IUSY World Festival is place not only for... [›››››] Read more

Evgeniy Konovalov: “Tragedy in Norway is horrible”

RSDUY Chairman Evgeniy Konovalov made a statement about tragedy that occurred during the AUF Summercamp. “Tragedy is Norway was very horrible. The worst that caused the tragedy the man who  took it according to their own political views” – Konovalov said. “Of course, this is a special tragedy for all Social-Democrats because it is an... [›››››] Read more

The Summercamp of YSD-MH took place in Belarus

The Summercamp of “Young Social-Democrats – Maladaya Hramada” took place from July, 16 to July, 23 on north of Belarus. In the camp were Social-Democratic and civic activists from Belarus as well as members of Social-Democratic organizations from Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Russia participated by RSDUY Vice Chairman Vladimir Peshkov. During the Summercamp organized... [›››››] Read more

IUSY Vice President Eran Schafferman is died

IUSY Vice President Eran Schafferman died today earlier morning in Tel Aviv. Cause of death was cancer. Abou this web site IUSY.org reports. Eran Schaggerman was 35. “You left us way too early. Unacceptably early. You fought hard for life, just as you fought hard for the values of freedom, solidarity and equality you believed... [›››››] Read more