Young social-democrats of Belarus received the Jim Kemmy Award

On July 2, Kilkenny (Ireland) during the Tom Johnson Summer School took place the ceremony of Jim Kemmy Award for Social Justice. The award went to the “Young Social-Democrats – Maladaya Hramada” from Belarus. The award was presented by Mr. Eamon Gilmore, the Leader of the Irish Labour Party and Minister for Foreign Affairs and... [›››››] Read more

Political workshop “Minorities and Democracy”

Members of RSDUY participated in the II German-Russian political workshop “Minorities and Democracy” in Germany from June, 26 to July, 3. Organizers of this workshop were Fridrich Ebert Stiftung and RSDUY. Participants of workshop was coming from Russia and from Germany. There were members of RSDUY from Novosibirsk, St.Petersburg, Izhevsk, Velikiy Novgorod, Barnaul and Kostroma.... [›››››] Read more

The Freedom Area near the St.Petersburg

From July, 1 to July, 3 the II Youth Democratic Summercamp “The Freedom Area” took place near St.Petersburg. It was third similar summercamp organized by RSDUY: the first camp was role play “The Novgorod Veche” 3 years ago near Velikiy Novgorod. The Camp took place on the lakeshore near the village of Orekhovo. The second... [›››››] Read more

Film festival “Open Your Eyes!” will take place in Vologda

29 June – 3 July film festival “Open Your Eyes!” will take place in Vologda organized by the RSDUY, Russian Socialistic movement and Assembly of the peoples of Russia. The Festival will be held on the summer porch of the “Prado” club. Media group “Severgazmedia” will act as the main informational partner of the Festival.... [›››››] Read more

Evgeniy Konovalov on “Polit-gramota: TV-version”

European governments are fighting with economical crisis. It is around the world and in Russia too. This is the theme of 9th TV program “Polit-Gramota: TV-version” which aired on the “Vashe Obshestvennoye Televideniye” (VOT, Your Public TV) on June, 24. There were two speakers: Evgeniy Konovalov from RSDUY and Sergey Razlivskiy from Russian National Christian-democratic... [›››››] Read more

Social-democrats of Lipetsk spoke about migration

In Lipetsk the round table about migration problems took place. There participated RSDUY, The Migration Service of Lipetsk region, The Penitentiary Service of Lipetsk region and defenders. “The theme of round table very quickly changed to interior migrants and displaced people (from Chechnya in the mass). The discussion was very hard. All have a lot... [›››››] Read more

Dmitriy Mikhailov on “Polit-Gramota: TV version”

Member of The Consultative board of RSDUY, member of The Executive Board of The Union of Social-democrats Dmitriy Mikhailov participated as an expert in new TV-program of «Polit-Gramota: TV-version» on The Vashe Obshestvennoye Televideniye (VOT, Your Public TV). Another participant of this was Ernst Hillenbrandt, the head of Department of Eastern and Central Europe of... [›››››] Read more

“Side by Side” in Novosibirsk and Power of Powerless

22 May a film festival “Side by Side” organized with the support of the RSDUY was concluded in Novosibirsk. On Sunday May 22 at the closing of the festival a film “Power of powerless” was shown, the same film was shown at the film festival “32nd of May” in Saint-Petersburg in December 2010. The closing... [›››››] Read more

2nd film festival “Side by side” in Novosibirsk

Side by Side's logo 19-22May 2011 a second annual LGBT film festival “Side by Side” will be held in Novosibirsk. RSDUY will be one of the organizers. International LGBT-film festival “Side by Side” seeks to build an open cultural space where homosexual and transgender people will be able to freely display and study their identity. We plead to oppose... [›››››] Read more