2nd film festival “Side by side” in Novosibirsk

Side by Side's logo 19-22May 2011 a second annual LGBT film festival “Side by Side” will be held in Novosibirsk. RSDUY will be one of the organizers. International LGBT-film festival “Side by Side” seeks to build an open cultural space where homosexual and transgender people will be able to freely display and study their identity. We plead to oppose... [›››››] Read more

May Day Rally in St.Petersberg

St.Petersberg branch of RSDUY went on a 1st of May rally together with party “Yabloko”. This rally was also joined by unregistered party PARNAS (Party of People’s Liberty), RNDS (Russian People’s Democratic Union), Solidarity, Oborona (Defence), Electoress’ League and other organizations. LGBT organizations were also present in the column. “Policemen were very considerate, they just... [›››››] Read more

May Day Rally in Vologda

On May Day RSDUY went on a rally with CPRF and Labour Vologda. There were about 200 participants from CPRF, Labour Vologda, RSDUY, Russian Socialist Movement (RSM) and Solidarity. Vladimir Peshkov spoke at rally as a RSDUY’s representative. “Our state is forcing its integration into WTO, but time for this has not come yet. Russian... [›››››] Read more

An annual Repot and Election Conference of the RSDUY-St.Petersburg

Today in Saint-Petersburg branch of the RSDUY an annual Repot and Election Conference took place. As the result of the Conference new governing and controlling agencies were elected. New members of the regional Board are as follows:
  • Anatoly Kanyukov;
  • Stanislav Pozarkov;
  • Konatantin Karpov;
  • Elena Zhurova;
  • Evgeniy Konovalov;
Anatoly Kanyukov was also elected the Chairman of... [›››››] Read more

City authorities thwart film festival “Open Your Eyes!”

Mikhail Shemyakin Foundation annulled the Film Festival “Open Your Eyes!” for several hours before the opening. Fondation officials say about letter from Prosecutor’s Office with threat to audit in conjunction with the Film Festival. The Prosecutor’s Office called the President of Foundation for interrogation. Prosecutor’s Office threatens him the inspection of the activities of Foundation.... [›››››] Read more

RSDUY on the round table “Russian Social Democracy today: ideas, practice, perspectives”

The round table “Russian social democracy today: ideas, practice, prospective” organized by Fund of development of socialist and social democratic ideas “Plekhanov Foundation”, Russian social movement “The Union of Social Democrats”(USD) and Russian Social Democratic Union of Youth (RSDUY) took place in Moscow on January, 15. Subject gathered on this event different scientists and politicians, ... [›››››] Read more