For democracy and youth employment all around the Black Sea!

Conference Paper Black Sea Area Cooperation Network October 2011, Istanbul, Turkey The Black Sea Area, centrally located between Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East, is a region filled with difficulties but also unexplored opportunities. The region has a young population but old problems are overshadowing their future. Old frozen conflicts from time to time... [›››››] Read more

RSDUY participated in the Black Sea Area Cooperation meeting

The Black Sea Area Cooperation (BSAC) meeting took place in Istanbul on September, 29 – October, 2. It was a meeting of young social-democrats from Black sea region. There were RSDUY international secretary Alexey Karpov and head of RSDUY branch in Dagestan Louisa Dibirova. “Conference program was very interesting and informative, our Turkish comrades from... [›››››] Read more

IUSY Calls for a YES to a Palestinian State

IUSY has for long supported peace in Middle East and a solution of the Israel/Palestinian conflict. IUSY supports the two states solution with Israel and Palestine living side by side as free, democratic, independent and secure states. We believe that the Palestinian approach to the UN General Assembly and Security Council comes from the failure... [›››››] Read more

IUSY World Festival blurs borders between countries and continents

RSDUY delegation, from St.Petersburg, Moscow and Velikiy Novgorod, participated in the 2011 IUSY World Festival that took place in Attersee, Austria on July, 25-31. This Festival taking place once in two years. In this year on the Festival participated 2500 people from different countries around the world. IUSY World Festival is place not only for... [›››››] Read more

Evgeniy Konovalov: “Tragedy in Norway is horrible”

RSDUY Chairman Evgeniy Konovalov made a statement about tragedy that occurred during the AUF Summercamp. “Tragedy is Norway was very horrible. The worst that caused the tragedy the man who  took it according to their own political views” – Konovalov said. “Of course, this is a special tragedy for all Social-Democrats because it is an... [›››››] Read more

IUSY Vice President Eran Schafferman is died

IUSY Vice President Eran Schafferman died today earlier morning in Tel Aviv. Cause of death was cancer. Abou this web site reports. Eran Schaggerman was 35. “You left us way too early. Unacceptably early. You fought hard for life, just as you fought hard for the values of freedom, solidarity and equality you believed... [›››››] Read more

IUSY Paper on SI Reform

Dear Friends, In Middle East and in Northern Africa people are fighting for their rights to freedom. In Tunisia and Egypt we have seen how their protests have made dictators fall. In Lybia it is clear that many lives will be lost in the fight for freedom. In Iran the green movement mhas challenged a... [›››››] Read more