Russian Social-Democrats in protest rallies

Russian Social-Democrats participated in protest rallies against electoral falsifications in different cities of the state. Members of RSDUY and Union of Social-Democrats in Moscow and St.Petersburg took part. RSDUY International Secretary Alexey Karpov took part in the protest rally on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. “There were very interesting people and many of them were not... [›››››] Read more

Conference “Global crisis and alternatives”

RSDUY vice chairman for ideology Vladimir Peshkov participated in the conference “Global crisis and alternatives” which took place in Moscow on October 21-22. Conference was organized by Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO), Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Science. At the conference... [›››››] Read more

The Summercamp of YSD-MH took place in Belarus

The Summercamp of “Young Social-Democrats – Maladaya Hramada” took place from July, 16 to July, 23 on north of Belarus. In the camp were Social-Democratic and civic activists from Belarus as well as members of Social-Democratic organizations from Russia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. Russia participated by RSDUY Vice Chairman Vladimir Peshkov. During the Summercamp organized... [›››››] Read more

May Day Rally in Vologda

On May Day RSDUY went on a rally with CPRF and Labour Vologda. There were about 200 participants from CPRF, Labour Vologda, RSDUY, Russian Socialist Movement (RSM) and Solidarity. Vladimir Peshkov spoke at rally as a RSDUY’s representative. “Our state is forcing its integration into WTO, but time for this has not come yet. Russian... [›››››] Read more